Land of warriors

Tour privado Tarabuco (mercado de artesanías)
During the Spaniard occupation in Bolivia, the Tarabuqueños fought bravely against the empire. The warriors were called “heart eaters” because they ate the hearts of the defeated Spaniard soldiers. Nowadays they are famous for their souvenirs market. Every single Sunday, they open the market for the visitors. It might be a bit difficult to understand the culture of the people of Tarabuco without a guide but with our expert guides it will not be a problem!


Only on Sundays

We leave around 8:00 in order to travel to Tarabuco (1,5 hours approx.) once there, the guide will show you the most interesting places in town and explain more details about the history and tradition of the villagers.

Guide- English or Spanish
Private transportation
A free drink at Joy Ride’s café once coming back from the tour

It does not include
Tips and extras not mentioned in this program


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