Paragliding Tour

10 to 15 minute TANDEM FLIGHTS !!!

- Where eagles dare –

Distance fromSucre: 1,5 hour drive 

Fly-time per flight: 10 - 15 minutes    

Type of flight: TANDEM      

Overall time: max. 7 hours      

Instructor speaks:  English, Spanish   

Departure: 8:00 hrs. 

Extras: Flight certificate !


Early in the morning we leave for our flying area, 1,5 hour drive fromSucreon the road toCochabamba.  The car will drop us up in the mountains from where you will fly in TANDEM with the instructor. The flights will takeabout 10 minutes,  descending over more than 500m, landing on the dry  banks of the Río Chico.  If there’s thermals and you’re up to catching one of them, the flight can take up to 20 minutes. 


After every flight the car will pick you up and drive you and the equipment back up into the mountains to prepare the next flight. Our pilots Edgar, Yhusbel and Cristian come fromLa PazandCochabamba,Bolivia’s paragliding walhalla! They all work for or are owners of  different  paragliding schools inCochabamba. 


As they have to come fromCochabamba, no tour can be booked for the next day, but always for the  day after. Cristian speaks English, Edgar and  Yhusbel the basics.


Sometimes the climate is not ideal for   flying and we have to cancel the flight.   This decision can only be made by   the pilot when you’re there.


Very important is NOT TO EAT too much for breakfast in order to avoid flight sickness.


Your lunchbox contains: a sandwich, some fruit, a chocolate-bar and a small bottle of water. As every adventure tour in JOY RIDE CAFE ! this one also ends with a FREE DRINK in the bar !!!


DON’T FORGET to bring a jacket, sunblock, a hat, water, your camera and some cash

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