Climbing at Sica-Sica


The start is from the agency Joy Ride, where we will take the car to the outskirts of the hill Sica-Sica to 5 minutes of downtown. Later we will walk  8minutes up to the area for the climbing.


 * We offer a number of climbing  tours of escalation with difficulty for beginners to experts

 Ours guides are specialized climbers of Sucre.


 * This climbing area is very stable and suitable to climb it is equipped for your safety using  professionalequipment, the area includes natural walls from 21 to 24 meters of height with different degrees of difficulty.


*Some easy and pretty routes needs just balance and does not need good training.


* The tour is for people who have never climbed and also for people with experience,  this tour  will raise your adrenaline to the maximum and you will enjoy an unforgettable adventure.


* Climb routes for beginners until intermediate.




While the guides have a perfect record of safety and the equipment and suitable methods are used, it is necessary to follow the guides  instructions, this way you are sure to enjoy a good and safe climbing adventure.

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