Mountainbike Tour 4 – The Mix between ride and visit de Cretacic Park


Visit the Cretaci Park where you will see a lot of dinosaurs footprints + Real size dinosaurs, from there is a downhill for a highway until Mojotoro Village


It stars at Joy Ride, it will take you about 45 minutes uphill until the Cretacic Park, then to go out of the Park there is just one Short uphill of 20 minutes to start to go down and down, Ending is quite flat to get a Mojotoro where you are going to fell a change in the wheater of temperate(Sucre) to warm(Mojotoro)


In the afternoon a car will pick you up to come back to Sucre(1 h 15) where a free drink will be waitinf for you in the Joy Ride Café


Distance.- 40 Km

Duration.- 5 - 6 hours

Dino Tour.- 1 Hour

Difficulty.- medium

% Uphill.- 30 %

Departure.- 9 – 11



The joy ride car takes you out of the town and you skip the first 40min pedaling up hill between scary traffic RECOMMENDED!!!!!



DON`T FORGET : To bring a small bag to carry your lunch box, some water, sun cream and some money.

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