Mountain bike Tour 1 – The Tour Around  Sucre


This Mountain bike Tour is the best to know the surroundings of Sucre doing some exercise


This tour is going to take you about 3 or 4 houras with a expectacular view of the Mountain chain of the friars, The Majestic  “Obispo” and the valley of Cachimayu`s river.


This Tour Includes a Sandwich, a Chocolate, an apple and a 600 ml bottle of water, and of course a free drink  will be waiting for you in Joy Ride Café.


Distance.- 21 Km

Duration.- 3 – 4 hours

Difficulty.- intensive

Uphill.- 50%

Departure.- flexible



The joy ride car takes you out of the town and you skip the first hour pedaling up hill between scary traffic RECOMMENDED!!!!!



To bring a small bag to carry your lunch box, some water, sun cream and some money.


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